Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge

California Condor at Hopper Mountain

California condor taking flight at the Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Kim Valverde, USFWS.

This rugged 2,471-acre refuge is strategically located adjacent to the southern boundary of the Sespe Condor Sanctuary. The refuge’s primary goal is to provide a buffer for the nesting and roosting areas from human disturbance and protects a portion of the historic foraging habitat.

However, under-wing of the soaring condors lies a robust multitude of habitats including oak woodlands, grasslands, chaparral, coastal sage scrub, seasonal wetlands, riparian areas, and some of the last remaining intact stands of California black walnut.

Hopper Mountain provides prime habitat for mountain lions. Photo by Dan Blackburn.

Relying on these protected and remote habitats are hundreds of species of wildlife.  The California condor is one of 103 bird species that have been recorded on or near the refuge, which also include canyon wrens, great horned owls, golden eagles, and the endangered Least Bell’s vireo.  There are 24 mammal species that have been documented on the refuge, including black bears, mule deer, coyotes, and Pacific kangaroo rats.  Additionally, there are three amphibian species that reside within the wetlands and riparian areas, and fifteen reptile species.

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