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Forest Steward ProgramVolunteers of all ages are the backbone of our organization. Our weekend warriors are battling against invasive plants, tearing down relic barbed wire fencing, and picking up small pieces of trash that are harmful to young – and critically endangered – California condors. It’s our way of giving something back to the places we love, while getting our hands dirty and directly improving wildlife habitat and recreation areas in our local backcountry.

More than 900 volunteers are involved with ForestWatch, and our strength in numbers produces big results. Our volunteers have hauled out nearly 20,000 pounds of trash from the forest, surveyed over 50 miles of streams for invasive plants like tamarisk, and removed more than 15 miles of old fencing from the Carrizo Plain National Monument. With the fences gone, pronghorn antelope and other wildlife are less vulnerable to predators, reclaiming the freedom to roam across this vast landscape.

Click here for a map of our recent volunteer projects! You can also check out our calendar to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Types of Volunteer Field Projects

Microtrash Removal


Microtrash ingestion is one of the leading causes of mortality for the California Condor. Learn more about how we’re removing it from their habitat.

Invasive Plant Removal

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Invasive plants outcompete others and reduce the viability of the habitats in which they reside. Learn how we’re working to eradicate the worst of them.

Marijuana Grow Site Cleanups


We clean up illegal and environmentally destructive marijuana grow operations hidden deep in the backcountry of our forest.

Trash Cleanups

IMG_0891_SQUAREWe remove trash from mistreated trails, illegal target shooting sites, and more.

Biological Surveys

We document endangered and sensitive species that would go unnoticed and unaccounted for without our assistance.

Fence Removal

Pronghorn Credit USFWS squareWe work to remove or retrofit relic fencing on the Carrizo plain to help improve Pronghorn Antelope movement.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

We also rely on volunteers behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. We take on volunteers to help us with office tasks that include fundraising, data entry, event preparation, and mailing parties. Additionally, our events could not happen without the help of volunteers and we always need help at events with check-ins, food service, bar tending, and preparation.


Our internship program helps train the next generation of conservationists and public land stewards. We accept undergraduate and graduate students seeking to gain experience and to contribute meaningfully to the nonprofit environmental field. Our Conservation Interns review documents, conduct research, gather data in the field, and broaden their understanding of public lands management. Our GIS Interns use tools like GPS units, ArcGIS, and Google Earth to create sophisticated maps to solve land conservation challenges. Other opportunities include our Conservation Photography Internship, our Wine & Viticulture Internship, and more. Click here to view our current internships.

Join us now

We need your help! Click the button below or contact ForestWatch at bryant@LPFW.org or 805.617.4610 ext. 3 to join our list of dedicated, fun-loving, adventurous volunteers today. You’ll receive announcements monthly about upcoming events and ways to get involved.