Cape Ivy Removal

On April 27th, 2016, 12 volunteers from LogicMonitor joined ForestWatch to help remove cape ivy – a hugely impactful invasive plant – from Mission Canyon. The main threat of cape ivy is its ability to completely grow over native vegetation, growing so thick that it actually can uproot small trees from sheer weight, as well as kill plants below from lack of sunlight. It is especially important that we manage this infestation in Mission Canyon, because it has some of the best habitat for endangered steelhead trout.

In order to tackle as much of the infestation as possible, a team of five went up the creek to wipe out a few remnant populations that were beginning to grow, while the other eight descended down a dry waterfall by means of a rope ladder.


The volunteers tore cape ivy from areas where cape ivy covered every surface of the canyon and stuffed it into trash bags.


In total, we removed 18 50-gallon-bags’ worth of cape ivy from the canyon before 1pm – putting a huge dent in the cape ivy infestation of Mission Canyon.

Thanks again to everyone at LogicMonitor who came out to help us!


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