The Condor Circle

condor [kon’ dor’] n. (1) the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere; (2) an iconic symbol of wilderness, commanding the skies and offering hope for the future; (3) the most honored bird in native culture and ceremony; (4) one who soars across the landscape, traveling long distances with skillful determination and a bird’s-eye view.

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The Condor Circle is a dedicated group of top-level donors who serve as the core foundation for ForestWatch’s path-breaking conservation work, giving $1,000 or more annually to our local forest protection efforts. Condor Circle members make a significant, long-lasting impact for the preservation of wildlife, wild places, and free-flowing rivers across the Los Padres National Forest and the Carrizo Plain.

As a local nonprofit organization, our work to preserve our region’s great outdoors depends solely on the support of our members. By joining the Condor Circle today, you are investing in the health and future of our community and taking bold and determined action to conserve our region’s wildlands.



Condor Circle patrons receive all of the benefits enjoyed by ForestWatch members, including our quarterly newsletter, annual report, and email alerts. In addition, we proudly offer these benefits exclusively to our Condor Circle supporters:

California Condor

  • Invitation to our annual Condor Circle reception
  • Opportunity to visit a unique area of our local backcountry with ForestWatch
  • Insider updates on the issues that matter most to you
  • Recognition on ForestWatch’s special Condor Circle web page
  • A special gift



To join the Condor Circle, you can make your gift online, by phone, or via mail to the address below. For more information, please contact our Membership & Giving office at 805.617.4610 x2 or Thank you for soaring with us!


2017-2018 Condor Circle

Peter & Rebecca Adams

Richard Alberts

Rachael & Griffin Barkley

Scott & Ella Brittingham

Cecilia Brown

Michelle & Ed Buchman

Sandy Buechley

Tom Budlong

Yvon & Malinda Chouinard

Carolyn Cogan & Jules Zimmer

Deckers Brands

David & Anna deLaski

Carlos Diaz-Saavedra

Dan & Rae Emmett

Environment Now

Gregory & Elisabeth Fowler

Laura & Steve Francis

Alice Gillaroo & Susan Jorgensen

Dennis Hadenfeldt

Harris Foundation – Louise Heydt

Bill Hart & Connie Eaton

Karen Hellmuth

Jay & Sirie Keefrider

John S. Kiewit Memorial Foundation

Ed & Andrea Kish

Patricia Krout

Terri & Alex Laine

Ruth Lasell & Robert Bonewitz

Hollis Lenderking

Gunnar Lovelace

LUSH Cosmetics

Markow Family Foundation

Dick & Marilyn Mazess

Roger McDivitt

Stuart Meiklejohn & Mary Ann O’Connor

Sharon Metsch

Allan Morton & Peet Steinmetz

Michael Mulligan & Joy Sawyer-Mulligan

North County Watch

Gail Osherenko & Oran Young

Jack & Sheri Overall

Jennifer & Nelson Owyoung


Russell Radom

Scott Renger

Rose Foundation for Communities & the Environment

Amanda Rowan

Santa Barbara Foundation

Gordon & Karen Seabury

Melissa & Christian Riparetti-Stepien

Bill & Jill Shanbrom

Bill Slaughter & Rain Perry

Jennifer Smith

Jack & Judy Stapelmann

Judi Stauffer

Martin & Elizabeth Stevenson

Ethan & Hilary Stone

Sam and Christiana Thomas

Tomchin Family Foundation

Topa Topa Brewing Company

UCSB Coastal Fund

Marilyn Wallace & Maurice Chasse

David Welborn & Ann Hunter-Welborn

Richard & Frederica Welch

Richard & Paula Whited

Marc Whitman

Ronald & Charlotte Williams

Bob & Katy Zappala