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Our Work

Protecting Wildlife

ForestWatch works to enhance biological diversity on the Los Padres National Forest and surrounding public lands. We aim to reverse the trend of extinction at the local level by advocating for the protection of sensitive species and restoring their habitats in this biologically-rich region.
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Promoting Wilderness

ForestWatch works to ensure that existing wilderness and roadless areas remain wild. We oppose any additional road construction in these pristine areas, and encourage the removal of any activities that are inconsistent with wilderness protection. We are conducting a forest-wide inventory of roads that are damaging resources or are no longer in usable condition, and will identify those roads most qualified for decommissioning. In addition, we work with the agency to monitor and prevent illegal roads.
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Safeguarding Rivers

ForestWatch recognizes the importance of clean water to our communities, economy, and aquatic habitat.  We monitor stream conditions, track pollutants to their sources, and work to stop further impairment of our waterways. We work with the Forest Service to restore degraded areas and ensure that activities use “best management practices” to reduce or eliminate water pollution.
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Improving Public Access

Communities throughout California’s Central Coast benefit tremendously by having large expanses of open space in our backyard. Places like the Los Padres National Forest provide clean air and drinking water to our towns and farms, enhance tourism and local businesses, and enhance our quality of life. They also offer opportunities for the public to enjoy the great outdoors, where recreation opportunities like hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, camping, fishing, wildlife viewing, and more abound. It’s easy to understand why this land has been federally protected and why people want and deserve to enjoy it.
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Preserving Sacred Sites

ForestWatch monitors road construction, off-highway vehicle use, and livestock grazing to ensure that they do not encroach upon or damage sensitive cultural sites. We work to ensure full compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act, which requires the Forest Service to consult with the State Historic Preservation Officer whenever any activity could affect these sites. By doing so, we hope to provide lasting protection for these sacred areas.
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Ending Resource Abuse

ForestWatch supports the elimination of commercial resource extraction that degrades public lands, and works to minimize environmental impacts from destructive land uses.
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