Trash Removal

IMG_8971Throughout the Los Padres National Forest, there are unfortunately a number of areas that are abused and mistreated, either by a hiker that is simply too tired to carry his or her water bottle any further, a target shooter that knows exactly what to do with your old TV, or a group of college students that have found the perfect secret place to camp and get unreasonably drunk in the forest.

Being here on our website, you probably don’t need to be told that trash in the forest is not only bad for your hiking zen, but also holds far reaching consequences for the entire ecosystem. You’re probably baffled (and a bit angry) that someone could take an upright piano out into the forest, shoot it up, and then just leave it in a field.

Yeah, unfortunately, there are people that abuse public lands for themselves, and ForestWatch is working to end that through education and responsible management practices, but until then, we’re fortunate to have people like you.

People like you care about our remaining wild places and want to see our forest protected, so those people have become ForestWatch volunteers to ensure just that – have you?

If you’re interested in doing your part to protect and restore Los Padres National Forest, click the button below or contact ForestWatch at or 805.617.4610 ext. 3 to join our list of dedicated, fun-loving, adventurous volunteers today. You’ll receive monthly announcements about upcoming events and ways to get involved.