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Proudly show your support for the
protection of our region’s wild landscapes and wildlife! The
Carrizo Plain sticker features the iconic pronghorn antelope,
while the Los Padres sticker features a soaring endangered
California condor at sunset. Each sticker measures 2 3/4 x 4 1/4
inches and is printed on durable weatherproof vinyl.









The new Los Padres
National Forest maps are here! These are the official forest maps
published by the U.S. Forest Service in 2008. They show roads, trails, campgrounds, streams,
and major landforms.

Southern Region

Northern Region

Complete Set

Ojai, Mt. Pinos, and Santa Barbara Ranger Districts
(Ventura, Kern, and southern Santa Barbara)

Santa Lucia and Monterey Ranger Districts (Monterey, San
Luis Obispo,
and northern Santa Barbara)
complete set includes both the Southern & Northern
Region maps covering the entire forest, at a special low
In stock, ships today!

In stock, ships today!

In stock, ships today!


Los Padres National Forest AtlasIn stock, ships today! Los Padres National
Forest Atlas
7 1/2′ Quadrangle Topographic Maps

by U.S. Forest Service





This full-color atlas contains 103 topographic maps
covering the entire Los Padres National Forest. Shows
roads, trails, streams, campsites, peaks, and major
landmarks. Also contains black and white aerial photos
adjacent to each map. Scale: 1″ to the Mile. Each map is
8.5×11 inches. An invaluable tool and a great deal!



In stock, ships today!

Matilija & Dick
Smith Wilderness
Map Guide

Bryan Conant, 2008


This durable, waterproof map

shows all of the trail conditions, elevations, camp
locations, and mileages throughout the Dick Smith and
Matilija wilderness areas in the Santa Barbara & Ventura
backcountry. Includes the Zaca Fire perimeter and
information, shaded mountain relief with labeled contour
lines. Map also includes portions of the San Rafael and
Sespe wildernesses, the Ojai and Santa Barbara
frontcountry, Highway 33 corridor, Pine Mountain, Santa
Ynez River trail system, Wheeler Gorge, Agua Caliente,
East Camino Cielo, Cuyama and much more.

Folds to about 4×7 inches.


In stock, ships today!
San Rafael
Wilderness Trail Map
Bryan Conant, 2009




The San Rafael Wilderness is the main
hiking, backpacking, and equestrian destination within
Santa Barbara County.

This durable, waterproof map

covers all of the wilderness as well as much of the
surrounding area including a large portion of the Dick
Smith Wilderness, Little Pine Mountain, the Santa Ynez
River Recreation Area, Figueroa Mountain, Upper Oso
trailhead, Nira trailhead, La Brea Canyon, Colson
Canyon, Madulce, Indian Creek trailhead, Cuyama Valley,
and the mountains above Santa Maria.

Folds to about 4×7 inches.

Completed in October
2009, the updated map contains all the elements from the
first map, plus the La Brea (8/09) and Zaca (7/07) fire
perimeters, updated trail conditions, new trails,
special geographic points of interest, and much much


In stock, ships today!

Sespe Wilderness
Trail Map – 2010
Tom Harrison Maps, 2010




This durable,
waterproof topo map features the entire Sespe Wilderness in Ventura County,
the second largest wilderness area in the Los Padres
National Forest. Includes shaded elevation, hiking and
bicycling trails, campgrounds, trail camps, and popular
features like the Sespe Wild & Scenic River, the Gene
Marshall – Piedra Blanca National Recreation Trail, Pine
Mountain, Pothole Trail, Red Reef Trail, Rose Valley,
hot springs, waterfalls, and others. Folds to about 4×7 inches.
Updated in 2010.


 Big Sur and Ventana Wilderness Map - In stock, ships today!

Big Sur & Ventana
Wilderness Map
Wilderness Press, 2005




Find your way around
Big Sur with this four-color topographic map showing
every major road, trailhead, and trail in the northern
Los Padres National Forest, including the Ventana
Wilderness and Silver Peak Wilderness. Also covers the
adjacent Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Julia Pfeiffer
Burns State Park, Andrew Molera State Park, and Lime
Kiln State Park. Notes campgrounds and trail camps, and
includes detailed insets of Pfeiffer Big Sur and Julia
Pfeiffer Burns state parks. Waterproof. Folds to 4″ x


In stock, ships today!

Pinnacles National Monument
Trail Map
Tom Harrison Maps, 2008


Take this durable, waterproof map with you on
your next journey to the Pinnacles National Monument in
Monterey County. Contains all of the hiking trails,
distances, and landmarks you’ll need as you
wander amongst the monument’s unique rock formations
while California condors circle above. Scale 1:24,000
and contour interval of 40′. Map size 18″x34″, folded
map size 3″x 6″.



In stock, ships today! A Hiker’s Guide to
the Santa
Barbara Front Country & Paradise Road
Ray Ford, 2006


This durable, waterproof map

shows the front-country
trails above Santa Barbara and along Paradise Road in
the Los Padres National Forest. The
back side of the map features a hiking guide with trail
notes, distances, and difficulty levels, plus
things to know and a list of what to bring on your hike.
Features several in-town walks plus more than 30 trails
originating in San Roque Canyon, Mission Canyon, Rattlensake Canyon, Cold Spring Canyon, Hot Springs
Canyon, San Ysidro Canyon, Romero Canyon, and the
Mountain Crest. Folds to about 4×7 inches.



alphabetical by title

In stock, ships today!

Big Sur: Images of America
by Jeff Norman, 2004,

$20 $17

From the back cover:
Big Sur is a river and a region on California’s Central
Coast. Extending for 75 miles along the Pacific shore,
from south of Carmel to north of San Simeon, the Big Sur
Coast is defined by the backdrop of the rugged Santa
Lucia Mountains as they abruptly descend to meet the
sea…. This book combines outstanding photographs from
40 collections, ranging from family albums to
institutional archives. Author Jeff Norman and the Big
Sur Historical Society have collaborated to tell the
complex story of Big Sur’s origins and the social fabric
that ties the community together to this day.


In stock, ships today!


The Blue Heron Ranch Cookbook:
Recipes and Stories from a Zen Retreat Center

by Nadia Natali, 2008,



This book combines
healthy, simple-to-prepare recipes with colorful stories
describing the Natali family’s experience living in the
wilds of Matilija Canyon in the Los Padres National
Forest. Nestled ten miles north of Ojai, Blue Heron
Ranch has evolved to include a modest Zen retreat
center, which provides the setting for many of the
flavorful meals presented in the book. Each section
begins with a vivid account of the family’s experiences
living close to the land, followed by a grouping of
original recipes arranged by food category. The stories
she tells of the triumphs and tragedies of her family’s
life in the wilds of the Los Padres and her profound
appreciation for the land are at the heart of her

In stock, ships today!

Canyon Voices: The Nature of
Rattlesnake Canyon (HARDCOVER)

by Karen Telleen-Lawton,
2006, 127pp, signed.




Set in the foothills
above Santa Barbara, Canyon Voices explores the
joyful and uneasy relationship between humans and
nature, the rivaling recreational and economic desires
of the human community, and competition in nature
itself. The book unfolds through the eyes of people who
understand it deeply on diverse levels. A geologist, a
monk, a botanist, a historian, a hang glider, a stream
ecologist, an artist, and others reveal the many ways to
comprehend a natural space. Personally signed by local
author Karen Telleen-Lawton and featuring the famed
artwork of Ray Strong.



Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge Among the Chumash People of Southern California

In stock, ships today!

Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge Among the Chumash People of
Southern California

Jan Timbrook, with botanical watercolors by Chris
Chapman, 2007, 272pp.



From islands off the
shore of Santa Barbara to the chaparral-covered
mountains of what is now the Los Padres National Forest,
the land of Chumash is an area of great biological
richness and variety. Living intimately within this land
for more than nine thousand years, the Chumash developed
an intense and sophisticated relationship with the
plants around them, collecting and processing nuts,
seeds, berries, roots, leaves, twigs, shoots, and wood.
Covering both historical and contemporary uses of
plants, this book celebrates the variety of plants and
the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the people who have
always known them best.


In stock, ships today!

Color of Ojai: The
Light and Spirit (HARDCOVER)

by Michael McFadden, 2000,


From the Topa Topa Bluffs to
Sespe and Matilija Creeks, the Ojai Valley is known as the gateway to the Los Padres National
Forest. This book features nearly 100 photos by local
photographer Michael McFadden, who for over ten years
has explored the Ojai Valley and surrounding mountains
and valleys with his camera in search of the eloquent
light that graces these landscapes. Combined with these
photos are the prose and poetry of talented local
writers in celebration of this wonderful place.



Condor By John Nielsen

In stock, ships today!


Condor: To the
Brink and Back – The Life and Times of One Giant Bird

by John Nielsen, 2007, 288pp


From the inside cover:
“Flying on wings nearly ten feet wide from tip to tip,
these birds thrived on the carcasses of animals like
woolly mammoths. Then, as humans began dramatically
reshaping North America, the continent’s largest flying
land bird started disappearing. By the beginning of the
twentieth century, extinction seemed inevitable…. The
giant bird with ‘one wing in the grave’ appears to be
recovering, even as the wildlands it needs keep
disappearing. But the story of this bird is more than
the story of a vulture with a giant wingspan – it is
also the story of a wild and giant state that has become
crowded and small, and of the behind-the-scenes dramas
that have shaped the environmental movement.” As told by
John Nielsen, environmental correspondent with National
Public Radio who grew up in the small town of Piru along
the southern boundary of the Los Padres National Forest,
this is a fascinating tale of survival.



In stock, ships today!

Conifers of

Ronald M. Lanner, 2007, 288pp.


$24.95 $24  


Conifers of California
is the first book entirely devoted to the state’s native
cone-bearing trees and shrubs. Richly illustrated with
both botanical art and photos, it serves as a natural
history and field guide. It is winner of a “Special
Mention Literature Award” from the Council on Botanical
and Horticultural Libraries. Includes 54 original,
full-page watercolor botanical illustrations; 165 color
photographs; 54 color range maps; and 2 keys to
coniferous genera.


In stock, ships today!


Day Hikes Around
Santa Barbara

by Robert Stone, 2010,



Day Hikes Around Santa
Barbara includes 113 day hikes within a 65-mile radius
of the city, from Ojai and Carpinteria to Summerland,
Montecito, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez Valley, and Gaviota.
More than half of the hikes are in the Los Padres
National Forest. A wide range of hikes accommodates
amateur to avid hikers, ranging from coastal beach walks
to steep canyon climbs. Straight-forward directions and
clear maps accompany every hike. Highlights include oceanside bluffs,
tidepools, wetland preserves, sculpted gorges, rock
outcroppings with caves, numerous waterfalls, secluded
pools in mossy canyons, mountain ridge trails,
historical sites, and stunning overlooks
of the Pacific Ocean.
Updated and expanded 3rd Edition for 2010 includes 25
new hikes and 140 additional pages from the previous



In stock, ships today!

Day Hikes Around
San Luis Obispo

by Robert Stone, 2006,



From the back cover:
“includes 128 day hikes throughout this central
California coastal county. These trails take the hiker
along the scalloped Pacific coastline to secluded coves
and tidepools, to rocky promontories along the chain of
volcanic morros, through wetland sanctuaries, and up
cool interior valleys. Highlights include waterfalls,
bluffs, sand dunes, lakes, rivers, swimming holes,
canyons, extraordinary rock formations, and panoramic
views. Many hikes are found in or near the college
community; most are located in undeveloped tracts of
land, state and county parks, and national forests which
are home to an extensive network of hiking trails.


In stock, ships today!

Day Hikes Around

Robert Stone, 2003, 184pp.



From the back cover: “a
comprehensive guide to 82 of the best hikes in this
scenic and unique area. Hikes span from the Pacific
Coast to the forested interior mountains, accommodating
all levels of hiking experience. Highlights include
waterfalls, swimming holes, tidepools, fern-filled
canyons, extraordinary sandstone formations, and
mountain-to-coast hikes with panoramic views. Each hike
includes a summary of its highlights, a map, and concise
driving and hiking directions.” Includes many of the same hikes
as Day Hikes Around Santa Barbara, plus additional hikes in Ventura
County including the Santa Monica Mountains National
Recreation Area.


In stock, ships today!

Day Hikes Around
Big Sur

Robert Stone, 2003, 184pp.



From the back cover:
“includes 80 unforgettable hikes along the spectacular
coastal headlands. An excellent cross-section of hikes
accommodates every level of hiking experience, from easy
beach strolls to crested mountain ridge trails.
Highlights include isolated beaches, tidepools, redwood
groves, canyons, numerous waterfalls, lighthouses and
outstanding panoramic views. Undoubtedly, these hikes
include some of the best scenery in Big Sur.”

Includes 21 hikes in
the Los Padres National Forest, plus many others in the
area’s five state parks and other cliffside trails. All
hikes can be completed in a day.


In stock, ships today!


Explore! Big Sur
Country: A Guide to Exploring the Coastline, Byways,
Mountains, Trails, and Lore

by Barry Parr, 2007, 257pp
+ pull-out map

$18 $14


From the back cover:
From the Carmel River in the north to Hearst Castle in
the south and inland through the vast Ventana
Wilderness, Big Sur’s diverse landscape and breathtaking
views offer countless opportunities for fun and
adventure.  Explore! Big Sur Country is a
comprehensive guide for motorists, sightseers, and day
hikers alike to scenic Highway 1 and the backcountry
byways. Discover picturesque drives through the
mountains, hiking trails, places to stay, art galleries
to explore, and insider information about the history,
nature, and culture of the area. Contains a foldout
color map of Big Sur, scenic drives along Highway 1 and
along inland country roads, where to hike, bike, watch
wildlife, and go horseback riding, listings of parks,
attractions, campgrounds, and lodgings, and fascinating
facts about the area’s history, culture, flora, and

In stock,
ships today!

A Field Guide to Common Plants
of the Santa Barbara Foothills and Southern California

by Hugh Margerum & David
Powdrell, 2005, 120pp.




Intended to be taken on
the trail, this field guide features photographs and
descriptions of 54 plants most likely to be encountered
on any venture into the coastal ranges of the Los Padres
National Forest. The photographs are arranged by flower
color, with clear, short descriptions of each plant in
non-technical langauge to aid in easy indentification.
An ideal companion for students, hikers, or the amateur
naturalist of any age; this book will further an
appreciation for the year-round natural beauty we are
fortunate to have in our own backyard.

In stock, ships today!

Chaparral, and Survival in Southern California

by Richard Halsey, 2008,

$19.95 $16


This is the only
readily available book that describes in detail
California’s most extensive plant community – the

Fire ecologist and teacher Richard Halsey not only
provides the basics of chaparral natural history, but
also how wildfires are fought, what we have learned
about them, and why it is important to reconnect with
one’s surroundings. Also included is a color photo
identification section with 64 of the most common
southern California chaparral plants and animals.

It is an essential book for anyone living in California
because it explains why it is important to understand
the region’s natural environment as well as how best to
prepare for the next wildfire.

In stock, ships today!


A Flora of the Santa Barbara Region, California

by Clifton F. Smith, with
photos by Dick Smith



This book is the only
annotated catalog of the native vascular plants of
mainland Santa Barbara County, adjacent related areas in
Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties, and four nearby
Channel Islands. Illustrated with line drawings. The
flora of the Santa Barbara region represents a
transition between the cooler, moister northern
California coast, the deserts and drier mountains of
southern California, and the Sierran forests. The region
is rich in plant communities, and for more than fifty
years, Clifton F. Smith has studies the flora of this
region, gaining a deep understanding of its botanical
heritage. In this book he shares with the professional
and the wildflower enthusiast alike his unmatched
knowledge of the flora of every hill and dale and dune
of Santa Barbara County, including much of the Los
Padres National Forest.


In stock, ships today!

Hiking and
Backpacking Big Sur: A Complete Guide to the Trails of
Big Sur, Ventana Wilderness, and Silver Peak Wilderness

by Analise Elliot, 2005,



From the back cover:
“California’s Big Sur country stretches from Carmel
south to San Simeon, and from the Pacific Ocean east to
the Santa Lucia Range. Yet few venture far from the
90-mile stretch of rugged coastline along Highway 1.
Hiking and Backpacking Big Sur
invites you to
explore the region’s many trails in 75 of the finest
trips, including popular destinations such as Sykes Hot
Springs and Andrew Molera and Pfeiffer Big Sur state
parks, as well as lesser-known gems such as the
impressive Salmon Creek Falls and the remote Ventana
Double Cone.”

Includes day hikes and
longer backpacking routes in Big Sur, the Ventana
Wilderness, and the Silver Peaks Wilderness, plus
precise details on trail facilities, easy-to-read
topographic maps, natural and cultural history, plant
and animal communities, and a helpful guide to services along
Hwy 1. Over half of the hikes in this book are in the
Los Padres National Forest.


In stock, ships today!

Introduction to California Chaparral

by Ronald D. Quinn &
Sterling C. Keeley, 2006, 322pp.

$19.95 $15


From the back cover:
“Millions have seen California Chaparral – a soft
bluish-green blanket of vegetation gently covering the
hills…. This complex ecological community of plants
and animals is…a quintessential part of the entire
California landscape. It is home to many wondrous
organisms: Fire Beetles that mate only on burning
branches, lizards that shoot blood from their eyes when
threatened, Kangaroo Rats that never drink water, and
seeds that germinate only after a fire. Useful both as a
field guide and an introductory overview of the ecology
of chaparral, this concise and engaging book provides a
better understanding of how we might live in harmony,
safety, and appreciation of this unique ecological
community.” This guide identifies chaparral’s common
plants, animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and
insects; features 80 color photographs, 57 black and
white illustrations, and 2 maps; and explores the role
of humans and fire in chaparral, covering the placement
and design of homes, landscaping, and public policy.

In stock, ships today!

Mines, Murders & Grizzlies: Tales of
California’s Ventura Backcountry

by Charles F. Outland,
1998, 151pp., paperback (out of print)



The late historian
Charles Outland has gathered the best bits of Ventura
County’s frontier legacy, weaving them into this
light-hearted and entertaining book. Relive the history
of familiar places in the Los Padres National Forest
like Rose Valley, Mutau Flats, Cobblestone Mountain, and
the historic mining site of Lexington near the
confluence of Piru and Lockwood creeks. A recurring
theme in the book is the fate of the last Grizzly bears
that roamed the Ventura backcountry in the early 1900s.
This book is now out of print. A collector’s item –
only 1,500 copies of this printing were made. New


In stock, ships today!


The Natural History of Big Sur

by Paul Henson and Donald
J. Usner, 1996, 416pp.

$27.50 $22


From the back cover:
“Each year millions of people visit the rugged
California coastline and wild mountains known as Big
Sur. Finally, here is a book that is both a natural
history of this beautiful region and an excellent guide
to its extensive public lands. The first section
introduces the area’s geology, climate, flora, fauna,
and human history, while the second section describes
selected sites, trails, and features of interest.”

In stock, ships today!


Oaks of California

by Bruce M. Pavlik, Pamela
C. Muick,

Sharon G. Johnson, and Marjorie Popper, 2006, 184pp.

$24.95 $20

Oaks of California
celebrates the unique place of these trees in California
‘s natural and cultural heritage. Winner of the Benjamin
Franklin Award for best “Regional” book, it continues to
be the definitive popular guide to California ‘s most
emblematic tree species. Includes more than 150 color
photos; 5 historic black and white photos; 10 original
watercolor illustrations; and 8 color range maps.


In stock, ships today!

of the Condor: The Race to Save Our Largest Bird from

John Moir, 2006, 272pp, hardcover


From the back cover:
“”Return of the Condor is a riveting account of one of
the most dramatic attempts to save a species from
extinction in the history of modern conservation. Return
of the Condor chronicles this epic story. We meet Jan
Hamber, the biologist who made the agonizing decision to
capture AC9, the young male who was the last living wild
condor; Carl Koford, the brilliant scientist whose
flawed conclusions delayed a captive-breeding program
until it was almost too late; and two of the condors
whose survival was critical, including AC9 himself.
There is tragedy and triumph in their stories. Today,
condors are more numerous and far easier to see than at
any time in the past century, and their expanding
territory is home to millions of Americans. For
America’s 52 million birders and anyone who cares about
saving our natural heritage, this inspiring story shows
what happens when we commit ourselves to working with
nature instead of against it.”

In stock, ships today!

Ojai’s Hip Little Hiking Guide

by Gael Belden, 2011,




Updated for 2011, this
handy pocket guide includes a fold-out map and
descriptions of twenty hikes around the Ojai Valley,
ranging from short city walks to longer treks in the
Ojai backcountry. Includes a forward by Rick Ridgeway
along with Ojai Valley history, plant and wildlife
highlights, descriptions of hikes, and a new section on
climbing, horseback riding, biking, and wandering around



In stock, ships today!

Rock Climbing Santa
Barbara & Ventura

by Steve Edwards, 2000,



From the back cover:
“Santa Barbara and Ventura counties have long been known
as sublime tourist areas, but the rock climbing and
bouldering along California’s south-central coast are
just beginning to attract the attention they richly
deserve. From the sweeping walls of the Echo Cliffs to
the awesome overhangs at the Owl Tor, from classic
problems at Painted Cave to the vast boulderfields atop
Pine Mountain, the many routes and boulder problems
described in this book will appeal to a wide range of
tastes and abilities. Written by one of the area’s
leading activists, Rock Climbing Santa Barbara and
provides first-hand information to more than
50 scenic and uncrowded climbing areas not to be left
off your tick-list.”

Includes over three dozen
climbs in the Los Padres National Forest.



Sold out! More soon…

Santa Barbara Day

Raymond Ford, 2001, 221pp.

From the back cover:
“From Carpinteria to Gaviota, from the beaches to the
crest of the Santa Ynez Mountains, Raymond Ford’s
Santa Barbara Day Hikes
gives you everything you
need to know to enjoy hundreds of hours of great day
hiking – and all within an hour’s drive of Santa
Barbara.” Includes maps, directions, trail info, nature
notes, and natural history for 79 trails, half of which
are in or near the Los Padres.



In stock, ships today!

The Sespe Wild:
Southern California’s Last Free River

by Brad Monsma, 2004,


$19 $14

From the back cover:
“Sespe Creek, the last undammed river in Southern
California, flows through some of the wildest territory
in the state to its mount less than fifty miles
northwest of downtown Los Angeles. A mostly roadless
expanse of chaparral and mixed forest, in many places
nearly inaccessible even on foot, the Sespe is the
untamed heart of Southern California…. In The Sespe
, Monsma shares his exploration of this unique
and fantasic region. His attention ranges from the
physical Sespe, examined on foot or by kayak, to the
subsurface geology that shaped it, and the impact of
Spanish and then American settlers. He also considers
the Sespe through the eyes of some of its nonhuman
populations – the nearly extinct condors, the vanished
grizzlies, the mountain sheep, the threatened steelhead
trout, the red-legged frogs. Through the metaphor of the
river, he ponders the tensions between preservation and
management of wildlife and wilderness, the ecology of
fire, the connections between species, and the almost
miraculous ways that the Sespe has escaped the fate of
other southern California streams.”



In stock, ships today!

Traveler’s Guide to California’s Scenic Highway 33: From
Ojai to Cuyama

by E.R. “Jim” Blakley &
Jeanine Moret, 2004, 49pp.



This guide describes
the historical and natural features of the most scenic
section of Highway 33 – the San Jacinto Reyes National
Scenic Byway – on its route through the Los Padres
National Forest. Travel the “San Jacinto Reyes National
Scenic Byway” with famed forest historian Jim Blakley,
whose commentary along the way interweaves landscape,
anecdote, and natural history into a thoroughly
enjoyable journey.


In stock, ships today!

Wildflowers of the
Santa Barbara Foothills (HARDCOVER)

by David Powdrell & Hugh
Margerum, 2005, 103pp.


This highly popular book
features stunning photographs and information on 42 of
the most common wildflowers found along the hiking
trails above Santa Barbara. Features California wild
rose, Indian paintbrush, lemonade berry, morning glory,
rose snapdragon, purple sage, poppies, canyon sunflower,
fiesta flower, lupine, and others.






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